Trips Around Harburg

Frommanns Landhotel is located advantageously with an excellent connection to the A1 close to Buchholz. Halfway between the Lüneburg Heath and Hamburg, the metropolis at the mouth of the Elbe, our hotel offers numerous possibilities for you to go on day trips or practice fun activities. Visit Hamburg and its many interesting faces, the marvelous old city center of Lüneburg or Buchholz and Buxtehue with their art and cultural sights. A versatile sports and leisure program attracts visitors to the idyllic landscape of the heath.



This major city in the north of Germany is one of the country’s most popular destination for visitors. It attracts many millions of people each year. Take a walk through th famous harbor and along the St. Pauli Piers (“Landungsbrücken”) into the HafenCity. Visit the sights of the Speicherstadt, explore the shores of the Außenalster and the Binnenalster. Or walk around the Reeperbahn.


Lüneburg is one of the few cities in the north of Germany that have survived both world wars almost without a trace of destruction. As a result, Lüneburg has an impressively beautiful historic city center. Picturesque streets, historic buildings with typical gables, small Medieval alleys and romantic architecture create a beautiful overall impression.


Buchholz in the northern heath is the largest town in the administrative district of Harburg. The quaint atmosphere just 35 kilometers south of Hamburg makes Buchholz a popular destination for recreational trips. The center of Buchholz offers a lovely pedestrian zone with boutiques and cafés. The theater, the swimming center and lots of other leisure facilities attract visitors to Buchholz.


The town of Buxtehude is famous for its historic half-timber houses and a unique way of life. Visitors can follow small channels and discover lovely places as well as excellent subjects for photography. Located in the administrative district of Stade, at the southern border of the Altes Land (old country), Buxtehude is just 25 kilometers from the hotel. This is why you only need about half and hour to get there.


The Hagenbeck Zoo

Hagenbeck Zoo was founded as early as 1863 and is still owned by the family. The zoo was founded based on the private collection of Carl Hagenbeck. In 2007, the tropical aquarium opened next door and has since been another attraction of the city.

Serengeti Park

The Serengeti-Park is a leisure park that is definitely on the wild side. It’s a true paradise for active families. The park stretches out on more than 220 ha of land and is home to more than 1500 animals, including zebras, giraffes, and elephants. In addition, there is a fun park that offers more than 40 rides.

Bird Park Walsrode

The bird park in Walsrode has been the world’s largest bird park since 1962. It is one of the Lüneburg Heath’s most popular attractions. With a total of about 650 bird species, the park is also one of the most species-rich bird parks in the world. People of all ages love the large enclosures and spectacular shows.

Lüneburg Heath Wildlife Park

This great wildlife park is not far from the hotel. It has 1200 animals, including special species of the northern hemisphere, such as bears, wolves, moose, raccoons, and birds of prey.

Wildlife Park Schwarze Berge

The Wildlife Park Schwarze Berge is home to many animals that used to live in Europe’s forests. This includes lynx and red deer as well as bears and wolves. You can visit the park year-round.

Alaris Butterfly Park

As the name of this park implies, it brings special joy to anyone who loves butterflies from around the world. Three large halls feature butterflies from all climate zones. Of course, you can also enjoy the flora of these parts of the world.


Heidepark Resort

The Heidepark Soltau is an excellent fun park. Thanks to unique rides and attractions, such as the Peppa Big Land, the park attracts up to 1.5 million visitors from all across Germany and Europe to the region. The Heidepark is about 50 kilometers from our hotel in Buchholz-Dibbersen which makes it an ideal destination for a day trip.

The Schuhmacher Kartbahn

Enjoy the thrill of the race at the Ralf Schumacher Kartbahn in Bispingen in the Lüneburg Heath. This indoor and outdoor kart racing center attracts visitors for a hot race against friends and family no matter what the weather is like. You can also continue to compete at the bowling alley and regain your strength with a nice meal at the restaurant.

Prototyp Car Museum

The Prototyp Museum in Hamburg is the place to visit for anyone who loves vintage cars and motor sport. The permanent exhibition and special exhibitions have unique pieces and prototypes of exciting race cars from the time after the war on display. Not only can you marvel at these historic vehicles, but you can also learn about their history and the people who developed them.

A.O. Ballonreisen – Balloon Travel

Graciously gliding up above and looking down at the lovely landscape is something a lot of people dream of doing. A balloon rises gently early in the morning. Both the weather and the pilot’s skills determine the success of the trip. Once you have reached the desired altitude, you will have a unique view of the Lüneburg Heath, Hamburg or another destination of your choice.

Miniatur Wunderland – Miniature Wonderland

Famous for the world’s largest model railway, the Miniatur Wunderland attracts visitors of all ages. Marvel at famous landscapes and sights that have been rebuilt to scale. In addition to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy, one section is dedicated to the Speicherstadt, the warehouse district of Hamburg.