About us

A Short History of Frommans Landhotel

The Frommans have been welcoming guests in Dibbersen as early as the 17th century. We would like to offer you some information on the history of our hotel.

  1. 1656 – 1834

    Forestry worker Hans Fromman ran a pub in Dibbersen as early as 1656. In 1708 Christoff Frommann built a new farm on which he worked part-time. In 1834 the name Christophers was mentioned in the graveyard register of Nenndorf’s church for the farm at Dibbersen number 14 which was run by the family of Hans Peter Frommann.

  2. 1835 – 1899

    In 1880 cottager Peter Heinrich Frommann had 28 ha of forest and farmland in addition to his pub. In 1892-1899 a new back building was constructed. It is the oldest part that still exists today. It is home to the restaurant room, the reception and large parts of the kitchen and the toilets.

  3. 1900 – 1949

    In 1913, Heinrich Frommann I constructed a dance hall which now holds our small hall, our hunter’s room and our restaurant. The people of Dibbersen had asked him to replace the old barn with this new place for them to celebrate. In 1949 Heinrich Frommann II and his wife Dora started welcoming guests to their hotel rooms above the dance hall.

  4. 1950 – 1991

    In 1969, Heinrich Frommann III and his wife Hildegard added 4 single rooms and 2 double rooms. The couple led the hotel between 1965 and 1995. In 1972 another 4 single rooms and 6 double rooms as well as a swimming pool were added to the hotel. In 1979, another 2 single rooms and 12 double rooms as well as 2 skittle alleys were constructed. In 1991, the couple added the final 5 single rooms and 3 double rooms to the hotel.

  5. 1992 – Today

    In 1996 the kitchen and new toilets were built in a new place by Tina and Heiner Frommann. They also added a new hotel reception with modern technology as well as an office. In 2006 the family-run business celebrated its 350th birthday and the new house brewery was opened with a large celebration in August.

The Frommans – A Family That Has Been At Your Service For Centuries

From the pub to the restaurant, hotel and private brewery – our country hotel has a rich history. A piece of this history and our traditional hospitality are still alive today. You should pay us a visit and take a nice culinary break from your busy day at our restaurant. Or why not book one of our comfortable hotel rooms.