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A brief introduction to the history of our hotel

Das Wappen der Familie Frommann Already in the year of 1656, the forest worker Hans Frommann runs a tavern in Dibbersen for his sideline.

Christoff Frommann establishes a new ?Brinkkate? (homestead for sideline) in 1708.

In the year of 1834, the farm name Christopher for the family of Hans Peter Frommann, resident in Dibbersen No. 14, is listed in the graves registration of the congregation of Nenndorf.

1880, the ?Kleink?tner? (peasant) Peter Heinrich Frommann owns 28 hectare of forest and farmland besides his tavern.

From 1892 until 1899, the rear building is being constructed. Today, it's the oldest existing part of the hotel which contains the restaurant, the reception desk and most parts of the kitchen and toilet facilities.

At the request of the population of Dibbersen, Heinrich Frommann I builds up a new ballroom (today small hall, hunting room and restaurant) to replace the old stable.

1949, Heinrich Frommann II and his wife Dora established the first hotel rooms above the ballroom.

Heinrich Frommann III and his wife Hildegard who both run the Hotel-Restaurant from 1969 to 1993 expanded the hotel by instituting four single bedrooms an two double bedrooms.

In the year of 1972, the hotel was expanded by four single bedrooms, six double bedrooms and the indoor swimming pool.

1979 followed two further single bedrooms and twelve double bedrooms as well as two bowling alleys.

With the final expansion in 1991, two single bedrooms and three double bedrooms were established.

Since 1995 the Hotel-Restaurant is managed by Heiner and Tina Frommann.


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